About Us

We bring you a beautiful range of Homewares, Sleepwear and Clothing

Rosa Living is a small family run business that aims to bring you products made from the highest quality materials. Each product is thoughtfully designed or chosen to be both practical and beautiful. Our collections are designed in New Zealand and produced by small factories in India. Every year we visit India to discuss new designs and new colours for the NZ market. We also visit the factories and make sure that the best practices are always used, and that they follow global standards such the Global Organic Textiles Standard. This accounts for not only the fabric but the environment, sustainability and fair working conditions.

Amazing Cotton!

We use mainly cotton or velvet cotton, it is versatile, holds bright colours well, is soft and most importantly easy to care for.

Why India?

India is a country of colour, handcraft and craftsmanship, we love it! The people are friendly and great to deal with and as such we have built up many great relationships, both business and personal.

Most of our designs are hand screen printed on big long tables (some up to 30m long) and dried in the very warm air. It is amazing to watch the dexterity and skill in lining up a screen and passing it to their co-worker back and forth to produce our beautiful patterns. Our paradise print uses 17 individual screens and 17 different colours, it is utterly amazing watching the fabric come to life.

GOTS certified

We make sure the cottons are GOTS certified which means they live up to the high standards of the Global Organic Textile Standard. This accounts not only for the fabric but also for environmental protection, sustainability, and fair working conditions

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